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Program for intercultural and language exchanges with families abroad for children between 9 and 13 years


Nicolas immerses himself in the new language

After experiencing his sister’s student exchange, Nicolas also wanted to experience such an adventure himself. He shows a lot of courage because he left without knowing a word of Spanish. He has integrated himself well in the family as well as in school.

Testimonial from Shelley, Raul’s mother:

Shortly after applying, we were able to welcome Nico with great excitement. Vanessa and the team are very helpful and provided assistance especially at the start of the exchange, which helped our guest integrate into family life and quickly feel at home. We felt supported every step of the way.


Although we are separated parents, we believe that in many ways, it was an enriching experience for everyone to have Nico amongst us, not only for the “exchange brothers”. He helped a lot and was willing to engage himself in daily life at school and at home.

Raul returned from France with new “tools”, not only in terms of language skills but he was more mature and gained new perspectives about life.

Highly recommended.


This is also part of the exchange with AMICITIA MUNDI: celebrate his birthday differently, explore new landscapes, share everyday life with his host Family.

Raul will soon be leaving for France

The whole family participates in supporting Raul’s “exchange-brother” in his advernture. He is looking forward to discovering local specialties, enjoying conversations and taking part in family activities.

Alvaró discovers France


DSC_0019 alvaro adrien velo chateau.jpg

Alvaró is fully enjoying his exchange with Adrien. At school things are going very well.

The half-term holidays are over, but the good times are unforgettable: visits to French landmarks, a football match, bicycle tours together...

DSC_0164 alvaro adrien match foot.jpg
DSC_0013 alvaro adrien chateau.jpg

Inigo, Alvaro's father:

I had the fortune to welcome Adrien into my/our home for 6 months. It wasn’t only a great experience for the young boy, but also for the whole family. Now its my son Alvaro’s turn, he is currently in France at Adrien’s home. Every time we talk to him, he tells how how happy and content he is.

Would you like to hear more about this experience for your child? I am happy to speak to you about it.

Inigo G.

Raoul experiences his exchange in a great mood

IMG-20181005-WA0042 Aeroport.jpg

Raul and his host family experience the exchange in the best of moods. Our young Spaniard learned French, discovered the culture of the country and took the opportunity to reflect on his life.

Quote from Raul: "I have not only learned to speak French well, but I have also matured and I like that".


Adrien makes his second exchange 

Alvaró shows off the Andalusian culture and traditions

As a fan of the local team, Alvaró shared his passion for football with his "exchange brother" during the Copa del Rey, he also shared unforgettable moments at the Feria in Seville.

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