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Program for intercultural and language exchanges with families abroad for children between 9 and 13 years

About Amicitia Mundi

«AMICITIA MUNDI» stands for Global Friendship.

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AMICITIA MUNDI is a non-profit organisation founded by education specialists with many years of experience in organising exchanges. The aim is to connect families of different nationalities and our goals are:

  • Provide these families and their children with a unique intercultural experience

  • Give the child a chance to master a foreign language

  • Make new friends

And all this in a welcoming environment of a host family.

The organisation offers intercultural and language exchanges in a French, German or Spanish speaking family for children between 9 and 13 years.
Two children of the same age from different countries spend an agreed period of time together: split evenly between staying with a guest family and being a host.

The aim of the program is to provide a child with the possibility to discover another culture through living with his/her host family. They support the child daily to integrate and learn the language in a friendly and familiar manner. The child decides to participate in the exchange to learn a language but above all to gain cultural and interpersonal experience which helps his/her personal development.

AMICITIA MUNDI turns the exchange into a unique friendship for the lives of 2 children and families from different cultures.

Our conviction:

Diversity is a great enrichment.

Educational Approach

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Immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language naturally by using it daily and in everyday situations.

THE ADVANTAGE OF IMMERSIVE LANGUAGE LEARNING: Discovering the cultural and social aspects of a foreign country is an enriching experience for the child. Learning the new language happens automatically in an authentic and playful way through the family, school and leisure time.


By living with a host family who only communicate with the child in the foreign language, the child is immersed in the 2nd language and learns it in the same natural way they learnt their native tongue. Undoubtedly a completely different way than how a language is learnt at school. Immersion and learning a language from a young age allows the child to apply their knowledge and language skills more effectively.

Our Principles

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High standards

Our organisation concentrates solely on exchanges for a period of 6 months for children between 9-13 years. We offer you and your child ongoing support prior, during and after the exchange. We offer emotional, educational, linguistic and cultural support adapted to your individual needs and requirements during the various stages of integration.

Commitment and Trust

Our education team is always available for children and their families and we strive to maintain an open and trusted relationship. The aim of our organisation is to:

  • Encourage the child to develop their interest for languages

  • Support and accompany the child on their cultural discovery

  • Recognise cultural similarities and differences.

The benefits of the exchange are obvious:

personal, cultural and language development.

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The exchange allows your child to develop its personality as well as its ability to adapt and  integrate to new situations. It will strengthen the child's independence, self-confidence and tolerance and help him/her become an open-minded person. Independently of his/her talents, origin and personality, each child can create an individual life experience and pick out the best for himself/herself. With this unique "gift for life", they can build their path to the future.

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