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Program for intercultural and language exchanges with families abroad for children between 9 and 13 years

The principle is simple:

AMICITIA MUNDI offers a pupil exchange which enables 2 same age children from different countries to spend an agreed period of time together, split evenly staying with a guest family and being a host.


It is an exchange whose success is based on mutual hospitality: WELCOME AND BE WELCOMED. It is a project that involves the whole family.



Two possible

start dates

per year:



Ancre 1


Are you are between 9 and 13 years and would like to discover family life in a foreign country whilst learning a new language? In turn, are you prepared to welcome a child of the same age to share your culture and daily life? If so, this  program is for you!


This is a real family project and an individual and unique experience for your child and your family: Every member – parents, siblings and friends - participate in the exchange!

​​AMICITIA MUNDI addresses families who are open minded and caring, who want to invest in their child’s education. With our unique concept, children experience common values within the family as well as a new country and language. Every family treats a guest child as if they were their own and lets them actively participate in their lives. The decision to proceed with the exchange is based on this mutual trust.

Both families play a big role in ensuring the exchange runs smoothly. The education team places emphasis on building a constructive relationship with the guest parents, whereby mutual respect, listening to each other, transparency and trust form an important basis.

Languages and countries

Ancre 2

We offer exchanges in English, French, German or Spanish speaking countries.

It is essential that we find a suitable family for your child, who will welcome them as one of their own. Our experience shows that it is important to prioritise this aspect and the choice of language and country is considered lower priority. The more flexible a family is about the choice of language or country, the easier it is to find a good match.


Ancre 3

Registration fees:

Upon submission of the registration form, you are required to pay an administration fee of € 100. This fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the application.

NOTE : The administration fee of €100 for any subsequent applications (for the same child or a sibling) will be waived.  

Costs for an agreed period of time in a French, German or Spanish speaking country:

  • Exchange with a duration between 1 and 3 months : € 1800 (plus the admin fee of € 100)

  • Exchange with a duration between 4 and 6 months : € 2100 (plus the admin fee of € 100)

These costs include:


  • Hand-selected matching

  • Screening and selection with personal interviews

  • Individual support adapted to your needs and requirements for the family and child.

  • Administration fees

  • Family orientation

  • Linguistic report(s)

  • 24hr emergency contact

  • Coaching and problem solving

  • Unlimited support and contact with representatives

  • New Family meetings and interviews in all participating countries

These costs exclude:

  • Visa fees, if applicable

  • School fees, if applicable

  • Additional health insurance

  • Travel or any individual additional costs (independent of the destination and they are to be covered by the family)

  • Costs for leisure activities (day trips, cinema, sport or holidays): these should be paid by the respective host family. In special cases, it is recommended that you discuss this with the host family beforehand.


Additional information on the pricing modules is included in our detailed application package which you will receive after your pre-registration from your dedicated country coordinator.

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